Children's Eyecare

It is essential that children receive regular eye examination to ensure that the visual pathways develop correctly. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if your child is suffering from blurred vision, however our expert optometrists use various techniques to establish whether any spectacle correction is required.

At Baird Optometrists, we don’t have a minimum age for our young VIP’s. We would recommend that all children should have an eye examination by the age of four.

NHS eye examinations are free at Baird Optometrists and all children under the age of 16 (up to 18 in full time education) are entitled to an NHS voucher towards their eyewear. At Baird Optometrists, we offer a range of children’s spectacle frames and lenses free of charge (upgrades available).

Our optometrists and dispensing opticians will ensure that your little ones have the perfect pair of well fitted spectacles.

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